Sir David Attenborough recognises the importance of protecting the ocean and so do we!

Sir David Attenborough receiving his award from the Ambassador of Ecuador to the UK, Sebastián Corral. © GCT


Sir David Attenborough has recently been awarded the National Order of Merit for his continuous support to the preservation of the natural environment of the Galapagos Islands.

“This is a very great honour and one for which I am extremely grateful coming from a country that has done so much for one of the treasures of the whole world. The Galapagos Islands are, without question, one of the most extraordinary places on Earth.”

– Sir David Attenborough, July 2022 
The ‘National Order of Merit’ is the highest decoration granted by Ecuador and was awarded on behalf of the President of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, on Friday 22 July at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. 
The ceremony was opened by emphasising the importance of the work of Sir David over the years to protect the environment, the nature and the oceans. In particular, it was highlighted that Sir David’s documentary Galapagos 3D, which made the Archipelago even more famous, but also raised environmental awareness of its fragility, as a way of promoting its care and preservation.
Sir David was thanked for inspiring new generations of children and young people through his documentaries and books, which will remain as the best legacy of a man whose life has been devoted to love and protect our living planet. 

“Your country [Ecuador] has a great responsibility in looking after this huge global treasure which has no parallel anywhere else in the world…… it’s [Ecuador] also particularly vulnerable. Vulnerable to fishing, vulnerable to pollution. And your action in constituting a reserve there, is an important model to the rest of the world.” 

– Sir David Attenborough, July 2022



GCT President Monty Halls, Sir David Attenborough, GCT Chief Executive Sharon Johnson and Ambassador Corral

GCT President Monty Halls, Sir David Attenborough, GCT Chief Executive Sharon Johnson and Ambassador Corral © GCT.


Like Sir David, we are committed to this important cause to help solve the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans, which is why Rhyme & Reason donate to the Galapagos Conservation Trust to help protect the ocean around the Galapagos Islands, keeping the fish in and taking the pollution out.
See Sir David Attenborough’s full speech here:

 Sir David Attenborough speech from Ecuadorian National Order of Merit ceremony - YouTube


With your help, saving the iconic Galapagos species can become a reality. You can have sensational hair whilst being sustainable and contributing to the Galapagos Conservation Trust with Rhyme & Reason.

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