Clean, affordable haircare by Rhyme & Reason

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With natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging, Rhyme & Reason is both sustainable and sensational. Catering to all hair types and needs, including color protection, repair, gloss, and smoothing the curliest of hair, they have what you’ve been longing for.

A Treat for Hair & Scalp

Boasting clean formulations, Rhyme & Reason features a simple ingredient list containing over 90% naturally derived ingredients. Indulge your locks with coconut water to hydrate, white tea to protect colored hair from UV rays, and prickly pear to rejuvenate.

Formulated to treat both your hair and scalp, the ingredients heal and nourish while helping to encourage the growth of luscious healthy tresses.

Wild Rosella Flower is used to soothe and nourish the scalp and Hyaluronic Acid helps prevent dryness by enhancing the scalp's own moisture system. This result? Clean hair without having to worry about flakiness.

If you’re like me and wash your hair daily, opt for the Nourish & Gloss to keep hair silky and moisturized. And the Quench & Curl is the perfect option if you like to take more time between washes.

Quench & Curl

Clean for All

Clean ingredients in your haircare products deliver softer hair and more radiant skin, while helping protect the environment. Every inch of Rhyme & Reason’s packaging - from the clever bottle to the cap and nozzle are made with 100% recycled plastic, along with a purposeful square design to efficiently stack, store, and ship to minimize carbon output from shipping. Bravo!

Rhyme & Reason is also a member of the 1% movement, giving back 1% of sales to preserve and restore our world. Hair care without a guilty conscience, that’s Rhyme & Reason.

Rhyme & Reason Bottles

Check Off All the Boxes

For thinner, color-treated hair and everyday washing, I switch between the Colour Protect and the Nourish & Gloss shampoos and conditioners.

The fragrance is light, natural, and earthy with no artificial additives. In addition to the sustainable values of the company, the products are certified vegan and cruelty-free.

In my book, this is a solid and effective haircare brand from a company with values we should all support. Rhyme & Reason it is!


Yasmin Maleki, BeautyTap


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